2012 Cody’s Challenge – March 17, 2012

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event!
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Race & Cody’s Cup Results are posted below.

Codys Challenge 2012 - March 17, 2012

4th Annual Cody’s Challenge

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Codys Challenge 2012 Race Winners - March 17, 2012

Race Results

Men’s Long Course

  1. Jan Koles 1:17:17. Winter Park, CO
  2. Brian Johnson 1:21:27. Aspen, CO
  3. Kyle Lawton 1:22:31. Steamboat Springs, CO

Women’s Long Course

  1. Stevie Kramer 1:23:12 Crested Butte, CO
  2. Yari Kirkland 1:30:40 Crested Butte, CO
  3. Amy Lawton 1:34:56 Steamboat Springs, CO

Men’s Short Course

  1. Bridger Carlton 2:31:07 Steamboat Springs, CO (7 years old!)
  2. Will Carlton 2:31:08 Steamboat Springs, CO

Women’s Short Course

  1. Susan Geeslin 1:31:47
  2. Kelly Landers 1:37:15
  3. Morgan Mocie 1:53:30

Cody’s Cup Results

  • 1st place team – Breckenridge Ski Patrol:
    Mark Beardsley – 1:24:19
    Duke Barlow – 1:32:39
    Combined time – 176 minutes 58 seconds
  • 2nd place team – Steamboat Ski Patrol:
    Kyle Lawton – 1:22:31
    Liz Baldwin – 1:36:32
    Combined time – 179 minutes 3 seconds

Complete Race Results

1Jan Koles1:17:42
2Brian Johnson1:21:27
3Kyle Lawton1:22:31
4Stevie Kramer1:23:12
5Mark Beardsley1:24:19
6Ram Mikulas1:26:10
7Todd Greenwood1:29:21
8Kari Kirkland1:30:40
9Susan Geeslin1:31:47(short course)
10Todd Smith1:32:19
11Steven Stefko1:32:39
12Corey Armstrong1:333:23
13Scott Yule1:33:36
14Dan Gilchrist1:34:38
15Duke Barlow1:34:48
16Amy Lawton1:34:56
17Jeff Keller1:36:40
18Brian Murphy1:37:02
19Gavin Malia1:37:10
20Kelly Landers1:37:15(short course)
21Gordon Watson1:37:16
22Bill Murphy1:45:23
23Tyler Klasnic1:48:09
24Andrew Hyde1:48:11
25Phillip Street1:51:30
26Morgan Mocie1:53:30(short course)
27Liz Baldwin1:56:32
28Tyler Dressen1:56:50
29Tarn Dickerson1:56:58
30Morgan Cobb1:57:14(short course)
31Jeff Powers1:57:49
32Patrick Meyer1:57:59
33Adam Maines1:59:06
34Wes Nelson2:04:30
35David Downing2:07:47
36Becky Kuhl2:09:02
37Britni Johnson2:11:12
38Todd Givinish2:16:01
39Erik Kling2:16:09
40Brandon Holmes2:18:02
41Derek Esposito2:21:13
42Ian Armstrong2:21:25
43Dave McGuire2:22:46
44Dylan Dearborn2:23:10
45Michael Kent2:23:26
46Jeremy Hockley2:25:10
47Steve Pulford2:26:10
48Thomas Courtright2:28:21
49Meagan Bragg2:29:36(short course)
50Jacque Harvey2:30:21
51Kim Hess2:30:41
52Karen Tremaine2:30:59
53Bridger Carlton2:31:07
54Will Carlton2:31:08
55Sally Van Guilder2:36:50(short course)
56Katie Smith2:41:42
57Channing Reynolds2:42:44
58Pete Van de Carr2:45:42
59Elizabeth Londner2:46:51
60Sharon Crawford3:04:20
61Ryan Thompson3:06:32
62Meghan Alexander3:06:33
63Raquel Marin3:11:20
64Rachael Shiebler3:12:23(short course)
65Matt Fordyce4:15:10(snow shoe)

Steamboat Springs, CO on Mt. Werner
Loading Gondola at 7:45-8am
Race Starts at 8:30am sharp

$60 Race Only
$100 Race and Day Pass

Register Online at http://codyschallenge.tcsjf.org
March 16th Registration: Ski Patrol Locker Room 4-6pm, Ski Base Area
Race Day Registration: Bear River, 7-7:45am
Post Race Awards Ceremony: T-Bar
Race Celebration: The Arts Center 6-11 PM

For more information:

Call 410-544-8413 or contact us here.

Please check out the photos from the previous challenges:

2012 Cody’s Challenge Sponsors

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Smith Optics

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Steamboat Springs Arts Council

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