Mission & Vision


Whereas Cody St. John was both an honored professional Ski Patroller and organ donor, The Cody St. John Foundation envisions a world where Ski Patrollers have the tools, facilities & education necessary to provide superior medical services and where the public both participates and benefits from increased organ donation.


In working towards our vision, The Cody St. John Foundation:

  • Provides scholarships for medical education (ie. EMT, CNS, LPN, RN, MD…)
  • Provides medical training (ie. First Aid, EMT, EMT Certification…)
  • Provides medical equipment (ie. From band aids to snowmobiles…)
  • Works to increase awareness of the importance of organ and tissue donations (ie. Multimedia advertising campaigns…)
  • Works to increase registration of donors for the benefit of waiting recipients and their families (ie. Event sponsorships like “Donate Life’ sign-ups…)