Cody of Colorado

Oh magnificent free spirit that we mere mortals knew as Cody St John, who allowed us to know the essence of a good man for a brief moment in time,
we mourn our loss, but marvel at your accomplishments.
You are again free to ride the early morning breezes
as the first rays of sun cross the razor sharp horizon of the Eastern Range…
We listen and hear you there, gentle as a thistle-down as it kisses the earth.
Cody, we will not forget you!

Son, brother, friend, and lover, you were a man’s man, and a woman’s man,
respected, loved, appreciated and admired by all you touched.
You were to us all, a shining beacon and the light of our lives.
Cody, we will not forget you!

Guardian of life in life, giver of life in death.
A man who made a profound difference.
Surely, the measure of a man measures well when judging you!
Five families who with reverence honor your name.
What more could we ask of any son?
Cody, we will not forget you!

We grieve at our loss…but we remember…
The warmth of your smile, the strength of your handshake!
The presence you created when you came in the room!
The ruggedness of your demeanor
The intensity of your hugs!
The gentleness of your soul!
Cody we will not forget you!

But surely as we grieve… in the end,
the pain will subside and what will remain is the joy you gave us all in your life.
That joy we would not trade for all the pain we must now endure,
for you too endure… always gentle… in our mind… our memories… our soul.
Cody, we will not forget you!

And when we remember,
we will sense your presence in the first gentle cool breeze before sunrise,
and in the ever changing brilliant colors of the Rocky Mountain morning,
and in the slap of the waves on a Chesapeake moon filled evening,
and the quiet rustle of the Quaking Aspen at midnight.
Cody, we will not forget you!

And surely, the mountains of heaven will have fresh deep
unexplored powder snow on steep virgin slopes.
You will be there with your snowboard,
smiling… as you reach out and touch the face of God.
Cody, we will not forget you!

By Peter Engstrom (Severna Park, Maryland)

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